Gimbal's Seasonal Candies

Gimbal's creates a variety of delicious candies that are perfect for holiday celebrations. Our unique seasonal candies are limited in production and are available for your enjoyment while supplies last.

Easter Gourmet Jelly Beans

Experience our 41 flavors of delicious jelly beans in delightful springtime packaging. Our Gourmet Jelly Beans are packed with Antioxidant Vitamin C and burst with real juice and intense flavor — all the way from the chewy center to the delicate shell. What's your favorite? Countless happy customers have tried our Gourmet Jelly Beans and never turned back! Perfect for stuffing Easter baskets.

• 12 oz. bag

• 12-Pack (12 x 12 oz. bag)

$3.99 per bag - SAVE $6.00!
Easter Gourmet Jelly Beans [gim-141887.jpg]
Made in the USA